Pool Sessions

Pool sessions run from September until May, and all new paddlers to the pool must undertake a safety test. This ensures the paddlers’ understanding of pool procedures and canoe safety, for example capsizing and entering or exiting the pool safely in the event of an emergency. Each session on a Sunday night will have at least one qualified coach & a helper available to help you develop at your own pace. Our main aim is for you to have fun and enjoy your canoeing safely.  We are therefore trying to make the 6:30 session focused on early paddlers who would  like to progress through their initial Start & Discover PaddleAwards. The 7:10 & 7:50 sessions will run alternate weeks initially and will aim for a mix of formal coaching for the more advanced Explore Paddle Awards similar to the 6:30 session with an area set aside for those who wish to be  independent, the other week will be Canoe Polo session (see dates below) which will be open to all interested & those doing Explore Paddle Awards (or old Paddle Power Discover or 2 star ).

To book pool sessions you will need to register for our booking system https://webcollect.org.uk/lwcc choose top left ‘Apply for membership’ & then sign up with your email address & password. You will then be able to book pool sessions.  The cost is £6 for non members, the Safety Test session is free. Beginners are welcome. The sessions are run in 40 minute slots 6:30pm, 7:10pm & 7:50pm,. The instructions for new starters are on the site & there is a help contact if you are having problems. You will need to pay by Paypal & all this is also explained on webcollect.

This year from Sept-November we will run Canoe Polo sessions at 7:10 or 7:50 starting on 15th Sept & running alternate times each week. Dec-Jan will be Canoe polo one week & Slalom the next week . Feb-Mar will again be alternative Canoe polo. This will enable everyone to have a go at these disciplines & train with our polo & slalom teams.

Some sessions are designed to give skill training in other specific disciplines such as Touring, freestyle & safety – see Webcollect for dates & times that these sessions are running. All other sessions will be general practice & coaching sessions as above.

We also run sessions for under 8’s once a month, this Autumn the dates are: 15/9,13/10,  10/11 & 15/12

Our new playboat for juniors at the pool, demo’d by Liam.

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